By: Bill Pescatello, Managing Partner at Evolv Ventures

Our focus on autonomy

At Evolv Ventures, we spend a great deal of time looking at the changing landscape for CPG companies and emerging technologies that can have the greatest impact on our industry. In that search, when it comes to logistics, there are few technologies we discuss more or that are as high profile as autonomous trucking. Its size and impact on global logistics and the CPG industry will be nothing short of revolutionary.

The global trucking industry is one of the largest markets in the world that touch all of our lives and has…

By: Steve Sanger, General Partner at Evolv Ventures

As Thanksgiving draws closer and we think about indulging in a slice of pumpkin or pecan pie, we tell ourselves and our children to be careful about how much sugar we consume.

Sugar is a common ingredient in most of our favorite dessert items (especially during the holiday season), but we argue that it is okay to indulge “a little” given the craziness of 2020. What if you didn’t have to feel guilty about the sugar consumed over the year/the holidays? What if a natural, sweet-tasting sugar alternative was available?

I’m here…

Takeaways from an investor roundtable discussion

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By: Bill Pescatello

Since we started Evolv Ventures just under 2 years ago, one of the most active areas we have been looking at is the connected worker space. Working with our partners at Kraft Heinz, we have been searching for the next generation of enterprise class digital platforms. Factory and warehouse workers increasingly need modern tools and software to be more productive, efficient and safe.

Through mobile and digital connected worker platforms, frontline workers are provided with real-time data and multimedia work instructions on mobile devices. …

By: Aashna Singh and Steve Sanger

Tom Roberts, a renowned poet from London, released his poem The Great Realization[1] earlier this year and it went viral. If you have not seen it, you must. Tom talks about how the COVID-19 era is pivotal in making humans appreciative of the Earth and conscious of their waste, consequently accelerating change in their behavior. While the last several years have certainly seen growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions, The Great Realization suggests a more voracious move towards green products could be underway.

With an enhanced appreciation for the Earth and heightened hygiene standards…

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By: Bill Pescatello

At Evolv Ventures, we are very fortunate to sit inside one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world and being here, we think 24/7 about what is disrupting our industry and what game-changing technologies will come next.

Online grocery growth is exploding…

One of the most visible trends is the explosion of e-commerce in the grocery industry and how it will shape how consumers buy food and CPG products going forward. While online penetration for grocery is still relatively modest at ~5%, online grocery purchases are expected to grow 3x in just the next 5+ years. …

Evolv Ventures

$100m venture fund backed by Kraft Heinz to invest in early stage technology companies disrupting the food industry

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