Commerce in the time of COVID-19: key themes

Takeaways from an investor roundtable discussion

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It’s no secret that the current environment is continuing to see some interesting shifts in consumption behavior and retail strategy. A few weeks ago, Evolv got together with a group of investors from eight firms that spend time in the world of retail technology, commerce, and commercial supply chains to exchange notes. On many fronts, it’s still too early to be conclusive about long term impacts, but we found it extremely fruitful to share hypotheses and burning questions, hear what others are seeing on the ground and in their portfolios, and generally posit the many directions in which this landscape could impact innovation and investment going forward. See below for a few high-level themes that emerged in the dialogue.

Why invest in retail tech, and why now?

The ecommerce tech stack

Warehousing and distribution

Orchestrating and optimizing delivery

Future of physical retail

Restaurants/foodservice concepts

Returns/reverse logistics

Customer acquisition and loyalty

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